Don't have the tool you need? Rent it!

At General Equipment Rental, we proudly provide first rate rental tools and equipment for all of your projects. Whether you're landscaping, building, remodeling, excavating, painting, putting in flooring, or any of hundreds of other activities, we can help!


Our Story

General Equipment Rental opened in Weaverville on March 20,1995. Owners Bernie and Grace Conrad operated the business out of a small storefront and and garage. As the business grew, so did the family and in 1999, son-in-law Craig Franzi came aboard. Now a 20-year veteran of equipment rental and sales, Craig knows how to help you achieve whatever your goals are using the proper equipment.

Bernie and Grace have retired, but their dedication to customer service and quality rental equipment remains.

Go Local!

Every time you rent from General Equipment Rental, you are supporting the local economy.

Visit the Asheville Grown Business Alliance website to "Go Local" and help maintain our vibrant local economy to preserve the unique character of our area.

To thank you for honoring us with your patronage, Go Local cardholders receive 8.28% off of every rental!